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Whole school action

Whilst this site is primarily intended to support class activities on climate change, there are many initiatives that can be taken on-board by the whole school.

Please note: this site was produced in 2006, and is no longer updated. As a result, some of the figures may be out of date.

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The organisations shown below have programmes that encourage a whole school-approach to tackling climate change and sustainable development, ranging from energy audits to practical ideas that children and parents can get involved in.

Do individual choices make a difference? Yes they do, and it's even better if we all work together.

Learning through Landscapes

Learning through Landscapes assist schools to improve their outdoor spaces as a resource for teaching and learning. LTL can provide training, resources and support.

Eco Schools

The Eco-Schools programme helps schools to look at how they operate and to become become more sustainable.

The scheme encourages children to engage in the whole process, including monitoring, action planning and decision-making. This helps to develop a sense of responsibility for the school environment and local area.

National Energy Foundation

Information on energy-saving and renewable energies. The school section has classroom activities as well as a link to funding opportunities for the installation of reneweable energy sources in schools.

Carbon saving trust

Organisation that offers advice and financial support to organisations in helping reduce their energy requirements. Mostly aimed at commercial businesses but also applicable to schools.