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Food Stories from Kenya

Two short interviews tell us about how food is bought and prepared, and the typical diet of a child in Kenya.
Resources for a class activity are included too.

Jemima's story

Jemima is 9 years old and lives just outside Nairobi in Kenya. She tells us about the food that she eats in a typical day.

Without access to refrigeration, food is bought and prepared daily. Pre-made meals are not heard of and cooking happens on charcoal or paraffin stoves.

Jemima's Story
Accompanied by photographs, Jemima describes how her family obtain and cook their food

Photo of Jemima from Kenya


Food Market in Kenya

We visit a food market in Kenya and see the range of stalls and different produce on sale. It is very different to anything you may see in a UK supermarket!

Kwa Reuben Market
Accompanied by photographs, we hear about the food for sale in the market


Photo of market stall in Kenya

Paul talks food

We visit a school in Zimbabwe and hear what Paul eats in a typical day.

Paul talks food
With accompanying photographs from his secondary school in Zimbabwe.
Paul Kalima from Zimbabwe


Food Stories in Kenya
An activity answering questions linked with the video clips. Includes teacher's notes and pupil worksheet
Please note: this site was produced in 2006, and is no longer updated. As a result, some of the figures may be out of date.