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Carbon Calculator

Note: This will give you a rough idea how much carbon dioxide your household is responsible for.

For a version you can use offline, see the MS Excel carbon calculator

Enter details of the activity or energy used

Equivalent amounts of carbon dioxide

kWh mains electricity you use per year

  • Single person - 3,000
  • Couple - 4,000
  • Average family - 5,500

kg CO2per year

kWh natural gas you use per year

  • Low (no central heating) - 10,000
  • Medium (central heating) - 19,000
  • High (large house) - 28,000

kgCO2per year

miles per week you travel by car

kg CO2per year

miles per week you travel on train or bus

kg CO2per year

miles you travel in an aeroplane per year

kgCO2per year

Your total emissions of carbon dioxide are

kg per year
(1,000kg = 1 tonne)


Please note: this site was produced in 2006, and is no longer updated. As a result, some of the figures may be out of date.