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Food Stories: Securing Food Supply

Secure food in a changing climate Practical Action is a charity that works in developing nations throughout the world. It is committed to poverty reduction, environmental conservation and technology choice.

The links show three examples of Practical Action's work in helping people to secure a stable food supply in a world where climate change impacts most heavily on the poorest of people.

Photo: Floating vegetable garden in Bangladesh

This floating garden allows farmers in Bangladesh to grow crops even when their land is flooded


Floating gardens in Bangladesh

Climate change means that floods in Bangladesh are becoming more frequent. The floods destroy crops and can lead to severe food shortages.

By developing floating gardens, and other flood-resistant solutions, farmers can help to protect their communities from the devastating effects of floodwater.
Floating Gardens
Presentation explaining the development of floating vegetable gardens and other solutions in areas prone to flooding
Teachers' notes: Floating Gardens
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Preserving biodiversity: seed fairs in Kenya

Modern agriculture often uses just one or two varieties of high-yielding crops, and these may be developed far from the country they will be used in. This lack of diversity means there is a danger that these varieties will not survive as climate change alters the environment.

Seed fairs in Kenya are helping to preserve traditional varieties of plants, often much better suited to local conditions, and maintain a healthy biodiversity in the changing climate.
Seed Fairs in Kenya
Presentation explaining why seed diversity is important in areas of climate change
Teachers' notes: Seed Fairs in Kenya
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Potatoes in Peru

Climate change in the Andes is resulting in more severe winters. Traditional varieties of potatoes are better able to withstand the climate than those developed elsewhere. Practical Action has helped local people to grow and propagate the traditional varieties to improve their food security.

Potatoes in Peru
Presentation about growing traditional, hardy varieties of potato in the mountains of Peru

Gravity Ropeways in Nepal

High in the Himalayas the climate is getting warmer and wetter. Glacial lakes (that fill with melt-water from glaciers) are getting dangerously full, and flooding is occuring more frequently.

In these conditions it is even more difficult to make the journey to market, but a gravity-operated system is helping farmers to transport produce, and so increase their prosperity.

Gravity Ropeways in Nepal
Presentation about the climate changes being experienced in Nepal, and an appropriate technology solution to foo transport
Teachers' notes: Climate Change in Nepal
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Please note: this site was produced in 2006, and is no longer updated. As a result, some of the figures may be out of date.


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