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Welcome to Climate Choices - Children's Voices

Climate change is potentially one of the most critical issues facing the world – one that will affect all parts of the planet. It is crucial that all of us begin to understand the probable causes, likely affects, and how our everyday choices have global consequences.

The focus of Climate Choices – Children’s Voices is on the causes and consequences of climate change and the impact our current food production systems have on that change. This is one area where children are able to make informed choices and begin to understand how their small contribution can make a difference.

Please note: this site was produced in 2006, and is no longer updated. As a result, some of the figures may be out of date.

The site provides opportunities to explore current weather patterns around the world and the initiatives that are being implemented to combat the effects of extreme conditions, particularly among poorer communities. Children can use the evidence provided to consider whether these extreme conditions are a sign of change and how future generations will cope with the new challenges.

Information about practices in the provision of foods through global sourcing and factory processing is presented as a series of interactive scenarios that highlight the contribution that food production may make to the global picture.


Photo: Children engaged in a classroom activity



There are activities that enable children to consider their own impact on climate change, and to compare their lifestyle with other cultures and communities.

The materials provided have been carefully selected to support teaching of this motivating subject where it has links with National Curriculum targets and breadth of study and also the new DFES paper on Sustainable Schools.

  • Background information for teachers is provided throughout the site
  • Presentations, video clips and animations can be freely used with data projectors or white boards
  • Ideas, activities and worksheets can be used as they are or adapted for your lessons
  • Links to other sites of interest are also provided

All available activities are collected together on the Activities page. A link will open the resource in a new window.

It is not expected that all of the materials will be used with one group of children. Selection of suitable activities and presentations can be made from the activities menu where an overview including curriculum links and site links is provided.